App Branding Questionnaire

Please enter your email.
If you have a website please enter the URL above. If you do not have a website this isn't a problem. Your app will be submitted to the App Stores with links to activecourse.com for their privacy, support and marketing URLs.
Please describe the nature of your business. ie Therapist, Yoga teacher..
If you have a link to your image file please add this here. Alternatively please email the file to [email protected]
Please let us know if you have any specific brand colours you would like to be used. These can be RGB values or Hex codes or even just name a colour. eg (Dark Blue)
If you already have a profile picture please add a link here.
The App Icon is displayed on a mobile phone or tablet and is the icon image that a user will press to launch your application. It should not contain much text and should be something that is easily recognisable.
The launch image is displayed for a few seconds while your app is loading. It appears after the app icon is pressed on the mobile device. Like a splash screen, it is a chance to inspire the user. Because of varying screen sizes, we place your launch image in the center of the screen on white background, so your graphic must be readable and look great on a white background.
The background image is shown in the background behind every screen in your app.
If you have a book please enter a link. If you do not do you have an eBook or PDF document that you give away
Have you already created your course content?